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I'm Rahman . Experienced Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Strong research professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Artificial Intelligence from Shahrood UOT. I’ve always had a deep passion about Artificial Intelligence. Diverse applications of computer-vision in industry and community led me to focus my research and work on it since the second year of my university studies. I’ve worked on several computer vision research projects.
At the present I’m working at Sensifai as a VP of engineering and also Head of vision group, wherein I’m designing and developing deep neural network models in order to describe a video based on objects and activities in it to compete the state-of-the art methods

Also, I spend most of my free time playig with iot projects. here you can find some of my fun projects.




Computer engineering -Artificial Intelligence

Shahrood University of technology
Masters Degree . GPA(18.56/20)

I've got my Master degree in computer engineering from TUS. I've worked on tracking people in multi camera network with disjoint views under supervision of Prof. Hamid Hassanpour .


Software Engineering

Zanjan University
bachelors Degree . GPA(17.43/20)

I got my Bachlors Degree at Zanjan University.I have very valuable experiments from this years including working on rescue robots and my final project titled Detecting car violations with computer vision.


Software Engineering

Zanjan University
Associate Degree . GPA(18/21/20)

I got my Associate Degree at Zanjan University.In this years I've learned how to make a computer think


2009 -2012

Shahrood University of technology

  • theory of Formal Languages and Automata
  • Algorithm Design
  • Operating System Lab / linux


Shahrood university of higher education

  • theory of Formal Languages and Automata
  • Algorithm Design
  • Data Structure
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Technical English for Computer Students
  • Operating Systems


Damghan University of technology

  • Technical English for Computer Students
  • Advance Programming for hardware students


February 2017 - Current

VP of engineering / Head of Vision Group

Sensifai Inc.

I currently work for Sensifai as VP of engineering. I try and to coordinate other researchers and engineers in order to deliver product with throuput. I do almost anything But i love what i do.

January 2016 - February 2017

Deep learning researcher

Sensifai Inc.

I worked as a Deep learning researcher at Sensifai for 2 years. I focused on video tagging and video summarization.

March 2013 – May 2015

Head of Computer vision team

Nazer Project - Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITC)

We focused on Real time analysis of network traffic for eliminating objectionable contents in this project ( images and videos).

January 2012 – March 2013

Software Developer

Sanant Systems

Control High speed Cameras (600 fps) and Video analysis, High speed data acquisition and analyzing of 15 sensor sets (1 million samples/s) , Data Integration and Analysis







Research papers

  • Diba, A., Fayyaz, M., Sharma, V., Arzani, M. M., Yousefzadeh, R., Gall, J., & Van Gool, L.(2018). Spatio-Temporal Channel Correlation Networks for Action Classification.In Proceedingsof the European Conference on Computer Vision 2018.

  • Diba, A., Fayyaz, M., Sharma, V., Karami, A. H., Arzani, M. M.,Yousefzadeh, R., & Van Gool, L. (2018).Temporal 3D ConvNets using Temporal Transition Layer. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (pp. 1117-1121).

  • Reza Moradi, Rahman Yousefzadeh, Recognizing Objectionable Images Using Convolutional Neural Nets ,first International Conference on Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems(ICSPIS 2015)

  • Reza Moradi, Rahman Yousefzadeh, Objectionable Image Detection Using Subspace Coding, 23rd Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE 2015)

  • Rahman Yousefzadeh, Hamid Hassanpour. Pedestrian Tracking Through Camera Network With Disjoint Views, ICMLC 2011

  • Rahman Yousefzadeh, Pedestrians Tracking in a Camera Network , Journal of Applied computational Research , 2011

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