how to install Pydev , python plugin for Eclipse

after choosing the programming language , deciding about IDE is the next absolutely essential step for each programmer. A programmer spend most of his/her time working with IDE including coding, debugging,testing , etc. more features provided by  the environment, more performance the programmer will have.there are lots of IDEs for python( you can see the full list here). after a bit of research and a significant time of testing major IDEs, I choose pydev and pycharm as the best environments. pydev is completely free but pycharm  is not free.Also you have the chance  to use free licenses for classroom use and open source developers. 

installing pycharm is fairly straightforward, but to install pydev you have to  follow these steps:

1: ensure that you have Python installed on your computer. you can find a complete tutorial about installing  python and a scientific environment for machine learning.

2.3.1 Donwload and Install PyDev Plugin

First open Eclipse and go to Help  Install New Software...



In Work with: type  PyDev - and press tha button Add...Then check the first option PyDev and click Next





And the installation will begin.


When you see the Selection Needed dialog box, you must manually check the box before pressing okay. If you do not, it appears that the installation is continuing, but it is not. You must uninstall PyDev, then reinstall.



And finally restart Eclipse



2.3.2 Configure PyDev

Go to Window  Preferences. In the Preferences window, expand PyDev and selectInterpreter-Python.



Click "New..." and type Python32 for the Interpreter name. For the Interpreter executable, browse to your copy of Python /usr/local/bin/python3.2, and press Open.



Click "OK" and the  Selection Needed Window will appear.



Select all but the PySrc and and click OK as many times as necessary to exit the preferences.



The default selection should be fine. The Interpreter is now set up so that the code you write can be interpreted for the computer to run. You are now ready to start running code.


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