How to install latest version of Eclipse in UBUBTU/ MINT

Install latest version of eclipse in UBUNTU /MINT

Eclipse is one of the best multi-platform IDE(s) without any doubt,specially in Linux. I Use C++ as my main language in order to make computer vision and machine learning algorithms executable in PC. besides  I use Python  very frequently . On the other hand I write lots  of c++ codes for my Arduino projects.Using eclipse brings me the ability to have a strong and unified IDE for writing, compiling and debugging  all mentioned languages.

While the Ubuntu repositories  usually have an old version of eclipse,You need to download and install the latest version manually if you like to use cutting edge version of Eclipse. to do this you have to follow the below instruction:


1: download latest version of  Eclipse from  Eclipse download Page. If you use c++ you have to download Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers( Eclipse CDT).

2:Extract Eclipse to /opt/ using  these command :

     cd /opt/

     sudo tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/eclipse-*.tar.gz

** You have to replace eclipse-*.tar.gz   to the exact package name if the command does not work.

3: Create a shortcut for Eclipse.  this command will create and open the launcher file for eclipse with gedit text editor.

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

** you have to install gksudo if the command can not recognized by this command : sudo apt-get install gksudo 

Paste below content into the opened file and save it.

[Desktop Entry]

Name=Eclipse 4





Comment=Integrated Development Environment




Now you can  open Eclipse from Unity Dash search results  in UBUNTU or from Development menu in MINT

Have fun and enjoy coding in  Eclipse!

* To learn how to use eclipse to working with python see here

* To learn how to use eclipse to upload arduino sketches see here 


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