Welcome to my site.

I'm Rahman, A software engineer ,researcher and an expert in computer vision.I'm passionate about turning complex real world problems into powerful intelligent softwares. As a software engineer I create new smart creatures. It's like raising a newborn baby from first moment to be a wise man. my greatest satisfaction is to try to use my knowledge to improve people’s lives,especially to create all kinds of software and devices to help individuals.

I've got my Master degree in computer engineering from TUS. from 2007, My research and job is focused on computer vision and Machine learning.

Please, take a look around my site, keep up to date with my writings on my blog, have a look at some of my basic tutorials covering a range of topics -mostly including computer vision and machine learning- , or stop by my projects page to find summaries of my latest projects and work

My intersets

  • Generally I'm interested in any kind of Intelligent systems especially Smart homes and Smart vehicles
  • Scientifically my main research and work experience fields are:
    • Computer Vision and Image Processing
    • Machine Learning
  • Technically I have been programming with the following languages for several years
    • C#
    • C++
    • Python
    • Matlab

contact me

Email- Rahman Yousefzadeh Facebook Rahman Yousefzadeh Instagram Rahman Yousefzadeh  linkedin Rahman Yousefzadeh

Curriculum vitae
 CV Rahman Yousefzadeh

A short Bio
Bio Rahman Yousefzadeh

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